Server certificate checking occurs for connections between Horizon Client and a server. A certificate is a digital form of identification, similar to a passport or a driver's license.

Your system administrator might ask you to set the certificate checking mode in Horizon Client to make sure that you can successfully connect to a server. At some companies, an administrator might set the certificate checking mode and prevent you from changing it in Horizon Client.

If a Horizon administrator has allowed it, you can set the certificate checking mode. To set the certificate checking mode, start Horizon Client and select File > Preferences from the menu bar. You have three choices:

  • Never connect to untrusted servers. This setting means that you cannot connect to the server if any of the certificate checks fail. An error message lists the checks that failed.

  • Warn before connecting to untrusted servers. This setting means that you can click Continue to ignore the warning if a certificate check fails because the server uses a self-signed certificate. For self-signed certificates, the certificate name is not required to match the server name that you entered in Horizon Client.

  • Do not verify server identity certificates. This setting means that no certificate checking occurs.