To join a collaborative session, you can click the link in a collaboration invitation. The link might be in an email or instant message, or in a document that the session owner forwards to you. Alternatively, you can log in to the server and double-click the icon for the collaborative session in the remote desktop and application selector window.

This procedure describes how to join a collaborative session from a collaboration invitation.

You cannot use the following remote desktop features in a collaborative session.

  • USB redirection

  • Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV)

  • Multimedia redirection

  • Client drive redirection

  • Smart card redirection

  • Virtual printing

  • Clipboard redirection

You cannot change the remote desktop resolution in a collaborative session.


To join a collaborative session, you must have Horizon Client 4.7 for Windows, Mac, or Linux installed on the client system, or you must use HTML Access 4.7 or later.


  1. Click the link in the collaboration invitation.

    Horizon Client opens on the client system.

  2. Enter your credentials to log in to Horizon Client.

    After you are successfully authenticated, the collaborative session begins and you can see the session owner's remote desktop. If the session owner transfers mouse and keyboard control to you, you can use the remote desktop.

  3. To return mouse and keyboard control to the session owner, click the VMware Horizon Session Collaboration icon in the system tray and toggle the switch in the Control column to Off, or click the Give Back Control button.
  4. To leave the collaborative session, click Options > Disconnect.