You can optimize cursor event handling by configuring settings in the ~/Library/Preferences/VMware Horizon View/config file on the Mac client system.
Note: To use cursor event handling, Horizon Agent 2006 or later must be installed on the remote desktop.
Setting Description

Sets the maximum latency allowed, in milliseconds, when coalescing mouse movement events.

Coalescing mouse movement events can reduce client-to-agent bandwidth use, but it can potentially add minor latency to mouse movement.

Valid values are 0 through 50. A value of 0 disables the feature. The default value is 0.


Enables or disables the cursor warping feature.

When this feature is enabled and the mouse is in absolute mode, the remote agent detects sudden cursor movements and reflects them to the client by moving the local cursor. When this feature is disabled, the client ignores sudden cursor movements in the remote agent.

Valid values are TRUE or FALSE. The default value is TRUE.


Determines whether the low-latency channel is used for cursor updates. Valid values are TRUE or FALSE. The default value is TRUE.

You can also configure cursor event handling on the agent machine. For example, you can use the agent-side Cursor Warping group policy setting to configure cursor warping, and you can modify Windows registry settings on the agent machine to enable or disable coalescing mouse movement events and the low-latency channel. The settings on both the client and agent must match for the feature to be enabled. For information about the agent-side settings, see the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon document.