If you disconnect from a server without closing a published application, Horizon Client prompts you to reopen that published application the next time you connect to the server. You can change this behavior by modifying the Reconnect Behavior setting in Horizon Client.


Obtain credentials for connecting to the server, such as a user name and password, RSA SecurID user name and passcode, RADIUS authentication user name and passcode, or smart card personal identification number (PIN).


  1. On the Horizon Client Home window, double-click the server icon.
  2. If prompted, supply your credentials.
  3. Click the Settings button (gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the desktop and application selection window.
  4. Select Applications in the left pane of the Settings dialog box.
  5. Select an application reconnect behavior option.
    These options determine how Horizon Client behaves when a user connects to the server and published applications are still running.
    Option Description
    Ask to reconnect to open applications Horizon Client shows the message You have one or more remote applications running. Would you like to open them now? You can respond by clicking Reconnect to Applications or Not Now. You can also select the Don't show this message again check box to suppress the message in the future. This setting is enabled by default.
    Reconnect automatically to open applications Horizon Client reopens any running published applications immediately.
    Do not ask to reconnect and do not automatically reconnect Horizon Client does not prompt you to reopen running published applications, nor does it reopen running published applications. This setting has the same effect as the Don't show this message again check box.


The new setting takes effect the next time you connect to the server.