Depending on how a Horizon administrator has configured the drag and drop feature, you might be able to drag and drop files and folders between the Mac client system and remote desktops and published applications. You can drag and drop multiple files and folders at the same time. A progress bar shows the status of the drag and drop operation.

If you drag a file or folder between the client system and a remote desktop, the file or folder appears in the file system on the target system. If you drag a file and drop it into an open application, such as Notepad, the text appears in the application. If you drag a file into a new email message, the file becomes an attachment to the email message.

By default, dragging and dropping from the client system to remote desktops and published applications is enabled, and dragging and dropping from remote desktops and published applications to the client system is disabled. A Horizon administrator can configure the drag and drop direction.