With the URL Content Redirection feature, you can have URL content redirected from a remote desktop or application (the agent) to your Mac system (the client). For example, you can enter a URL or click a link in Internet Explorer on a remote desktop and have a browser on your client display the content.

Horizon Agent sends the URL to Horizon Client, which opens the default application for the protocol that is specified in the URL. Any number of protocols, including HTTP, mailto, and callto, can be configured for URL redirection.

The URL Content Redirection feature has the following requirements:

Remote desktop or RDS host that provides remote applications

  • Horizon Agent 7.0.0 or later with the URL Content Redirection feature enabled must be installed.

  • A Horizon administrator must configure group policy settings that specify how Horizon Agent redirects URL content.

  • The supported browsers in which you can type or click a URL and have the URL redirected to the client system are Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.

Display protocol for the remote session

  • VMware Blast

  • PCoIP

For more information about URL Content Redirection, including limitations and group policy settings, see "Configuring URL Content Redirection" in the Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View document.


URL Content Redirection is a Tech Preview feature in Horizon Client for Mac OS X 4.2 and it supports only agent-to-client redirection. Horizon Client for Windows 4.0 and later supports both agent-to-client and client-to-agent redirection.