An administrator can configure a remote application so that an application session is launched before a user opens the application in Horizon Client. When a remote application is pre-launched, the application opens more quickly in Horizon Client. To use this feature, you must enable it in Horizon Client.


  • Enable the pre-launch feature for the application pool on the server. For information, see the View Administration document.
  • Obtain the server credentials, such as a user name and password or RSA SecurID user name and passcode.


  1. On the Horizon Client Home window, double-click the server icon.
  2. If prompted, supply your credentials.
  3. Click the Settings button (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the desktop and application selection window.
  4. Select Applications in the left pane of the Settings dialog box.
  5. Under Reconnect Behavior, select the Reconnect automatically to open applications setting.


The new setting takes effect the next time you connect to the server.