The DPI Synchronization feature ensures that the DPI setting in a remote desktop or published application matches the client system's DPI setting. When you start a new remote session, Horizon Agent sets the DPI value in the remote session to match the DPI value of the client system.

The DPI Synchronization feature is enabled when the following requirements are met.

  • The client system supports Retina Display.

  • Full-resolution mode (Connection > Resolution > Full Resolution) is selected in the remote desktop.

  • If you use multiple monitors, the Retina Display is the primary window in system preferences. You cannot have more than one display in full-screen mode.

The DPI Synchronization feature cannot change the DPI setting of an active remote session. If you connect to an active remote session in full-resolution mode, Horizon Client scales the resolution to be similar to when DPI Synchronization is enabled, but icons are not as clear. If you switch from normal to full-resolution mode in an active remote session, Horizon Client prompts you to log off from the remote session for the resolution change to take effect.

If you use a non-Retina Display computer when you start a remote session, and then use a Retina Display computer to connect to the same session, the remote session cannot change to the new DPI setting until after you log off.

A Horizon administrator can disable the DPI synchronization feature on a remote desktop.

Not all remote desktops support the DPI Synchronization feature. For more information, see the VMware Horizon Client for Mac Installation and Setup Guide.

The DPI synchronization feature does not work with published applications.