VMware has created user interaction aids to help you navigate conventional Windows user interface elements.


As in other apps, you can tap to click a user interface element. You can also use an external mouse.


The following options are available for right-clicking:

  • Use an external mouse to right-click.
  • On a touchpad, tap with two fingers.
  • On a touch screen, tap and hold until the right-click menu appears.

Zooming In and Out

On a touch screen, pinch your fingers together or apart to zoom.

On operating systems that support touch input, zoom in and zoom out on a touch screen work only if you enable the local zoom feature. See Enable the Local Zoom Feature. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016 support touch input.

Scrolling and Scroll Bars

The following options are available for vertical scrolling:

  • Use an external mouse to scroll.
  • On a touchpad, tap and hold with your thumb and then scroll down with two fingers.
  • On a touch screen, tap with two fingers and then drag to scroll, or use one finger to drag the scroll bar. The text under your fingers moves in the same direction as your fingers.

Sound, Music, and Video

If sound is turned on for your device, you can play audio and video in a remote desktop.


Because the Windows key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del is not supported in remote desktops and applications, tap the Ctrl+Alt+Del button in the remote desktop or application window instead.