Server certificate checking occurs for connections between Horizon Client and a server. A certificate is a digital form of identification, similar to a passport or a driver's license. Your system administrator might ask you to set the certificate checking mode in Horizon Client to make sure that you can successfully connect to a server.

At some companies, an administrator might set the certificate checking mode and prevent you from changing it in Horizon Client.


  1. Tap the VMware Horizon Client app.
  2. Tap the Option menu in the upper-left corner of the Horizon Client menu bar.
  3. Expand the Certificate Checking Mode section and select a certificate checking mode.
    Option Description
    Never connect to untrusted servers This setting means that you cannot connect to the server if any of the certificate checks fail. An error message lists the checks that failed.
    Attempt to connect regardless of server identity certificates This setting means that no certificate checking occurs.

What to do next

If you receive a certificate error after setting the certificate checking mode, contact your system administrator.