You can switch between a remote desktop or application and other apps for a short time without losing the server connection. With Horizon Client 3.4 or later, you can reconnect to an application or desktop that has been running in the background for up to 15 minutes.

You can also resize or snap the Horizon Client app so that it takes up part of the screen alongside another app. The minimum screen resolution required for the snap feature is 1366 x 768. If you tap a server or remote desktop or application shortcut when the app is snapped, Horizon Client expands to full screen mode.

Because Horizon Client is a Windows Store app, if you switch to another app, the Horizon Client app is suspended within a few seconds and the connection to the server is lost within 5 minutes. If you switch back to Horizon Client, you might be returned to the same page or action that was active before the app began running in the background.

If you have left a session idle for some amount of time, before the session times out, you receive a prompt, asking if you want to keep the session alive. Tap or click anywhere on the screen or press a key on your keyboard to keep the session alive. If enough time has passed so that the connection to the desktop or application was lost, you are returned to the desktop and application selector screen and are prompted to reconnect.


If you have Horizon Client 3.4 or later, you can turn on a setting that increases the amount of time that Horizon Client can run in the background or remain idle without requiring you to log in again or manually reconnect. Swipe in from the right to display the charms list, tap Settings > General settings, and turn on Reconnect automatically to open applications or desktops in the Advanced section. This feature is supported if you are connecting to View Connection Server 6.0 or later to access your desktops and applications.