You can enable logging and collect a log bundle to send to technical support.

About this task

To troubleshoot some issues, you might be directed to collect logs to send to technical support. Logging will affect the performance of Horizon Client if a secure tunnel session is being used to connect to the remote desktop. Be sure to turn the advanced logging feature off when logging is no longer necessary.


Contact VMware technical support so that you can determine where to send the log files you collect.


  1. In Horizon Client, swipe in from the right side of the screen, tap the Settings charm, and tap General Settings.
  2. In the Logging section, turn on the Enable advanced logging control.
  3. Tap Collect support information, navigate to the location on your device to store the log files, select the directory, and tap Choose this folder.

    For example, for convenience you might tap the Desktop item to save the logs in a folder on your local desktop.

    A folder called vmware-view-logs-timestamp is created in the location you specified.

  4. (Optional) To create a .zip file of the log folder before sending it to technical support, right-click the folder (or touch, hold, and release the folder) and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

What to do next

Send the logs to VMware technical support.