Horizon Client for Windows Store 3.4 | 4 June 2015

Last Updated: 4 June 2015

These release notes cover the following topics:

Key Features

VMware Horizon Client for Windows Store makes it easy to access your Windows virtual desktop using the PCoIP display protocol. Connect on the Local Area Network (LAN) or across a Wide Area Network (WAN).

  • Work the way you want to - Use your Windows tablet, laptop, or desktop to work on your Windows-based remote desktop from any location. Support for the PCoIP display protocol from VMware means your desktop is fast and responsive regardless of where you are.
  • Best of both worlds - Horizon Client supports native Windows Store gestures for quick and easy navigation around your desktop.
  • Simple connectivity - Horizon Client is tightly integrated with VMware Horizon for simple setup and connectivity.
  • Multitasking - In a Wi-Fi network, Horizon Client can continue to run in the background for a short time. After you launch a remote desktop, you can snap the client app so that the remote desktop takes up part of the screen alongside another app.
  • Secure from any location - At your desk or away from the office your data is always secure. Access your View desktop over Wi-Fi or 3G. Your View desktop is delivered securely to you wherever you are. Enhanced certificate checking is performed on the client. The client app also supports optional RADIUS and RSA SecurID authentication.

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What's New in This Release

This release of VMware Horizon Client for Windows Store includes the following new features:

  • Ability to run in the background for up to 15 minutes
    You can allow Horizon Client to remain idle, and you can switch between a remote desktop or application and other apps, for up to 15 minutes. The amount of time might be less than 15 minutes, depending on the idle session timeout setting. The client can automatically reconnect so that you can avoid having to log in again. Requires Horizon 6 or later servers and remote desktops and applications.
  • Ability to pin a remote application shortcut to the Start screen
    In previous releases, you could pin only desktop shortcuts to the Start screen.
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1m support
    The OpenSSL library is updated to version openssl-1.0.1m.

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For Horizon Client for Windows Store, both the documentation and the user interface are available in English, Japanese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

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Before You Begin

  • VMware Horizon Client for Windows Store requires the Window 8.1, Windows 8.1 RT, or Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. For these operating systems Windows 8.1 Update is also supported.

    Note: Although you can install Horizon Client for Windows Store on devices with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro operating systems, VMware recommends that you install Horizon Client for Windows (rather than Windows Store) on these devices. Horizon Client for Windows is also touch-enabled and offers additional features such as USB redirection and smart card redirection. Horizon Client for Windows Store is recommended for Windows RT 8.1 devices.

  • Horizon Client for Windows Store is supported with the latest maintenance release of Horizon View 5.3.x, VMware Horizon 6.0.x, or VMware Horizon 6 version 6.1.x.
  • Install Horizon Client for Windows Store just as you do any other Windows Store apps. For example, you can get the latest version of the app from the Windows Store or from the VMware Horizon Client downloads site at http://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients.
  • For system requirements and installation instructions, see Using VMware Horizon Client for Windows Store.

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Resolved Issues

Resolved in Horizon Client 3.4

  • Previously, if you used a VPN, the connection to the remote desktop or application failed. The connection timed out. This issue has been resolved, though it can still take 60 seconds or longer to connect to a remote desktop or application when using a VPN.

Resolved in Horizon Client 3.2

  • Several error messages have been revised so that the text is more user friendly and meaningful.

Resolved in Horizon Client 3.1

  • Previously, if you disconnected from a remote desktop, the desktop selector page was not refreshed so that, for example, the Log Off button would not be available for the desktop that was recently disconnnected. This issue has been resolved.

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Known Issues

  • If you use a VPN, it can take 60 seconds or longer to connect to a remote desktop. .
  • If your client device uses a proxy, occasionally, you might get a "Lost connection to the server" message when you try to connect to a remote desktop.
    Workarounds: Try the following workarounds:
    • Rather than setting the proxy to bypass local addresses, add the local address as an exception. You can use an asterisk (*) to represent a series of IPs. For example, 10.* will ignore all IPs that start with 10.
    • If it is possible to connect to the remote desktop without using a proxy, disable the proxy settings.
  • Several issues might occur with international keyboards. These issues are mostly related to double-byte characters, such as Japanese, Korean, or Chinese characters. The solution is to use the local input buffer feature. For instructions, see "Sending a String of Characters" in Using VMware Horizon Client for Windows Store.

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