You can use uniform resource identifiers (URIs) to create web page or email links that end users can click to start Horizon Client, connect to a server, or open a remote desktop or published application.

You create these links by constructing URIs that provide some or all the following information, so that your end users do not need to supply it.

  • Server address
  • Port number for the server
  • Active Directory user name
  • RADIUS or RSA SecurID user name, if different from the Active Directory user name
  • Domain name
  • Remote desktop or published application display name
  • Window size
  • Actions including reset, log out, and start session
  • Display protocol
  • Options for redirecting USB devices

To construct a URI, you use the vmware-view URI scheme with Horizon Client specific path and query parts.

To use URIs to start Horizon Client, Horizon Client must already be installed on client computers.