The clipboard memory size is configurable for both the server and the client.

This feature applies only to copying and pasting text and images. It does not apply to copying and pasting files and folders.

When a PCoIP or VMware Blast session is established, the server sends its clipboard memory size to the client. The effective clipboard memory size is the lesser of the server and client clipboard memory size values.

To set the client clipboard memory size, modify the Windows registry value HKLM\Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDPService\Plugins\MKSVchan\ClientClipboardSize. The value type is REG_DWORD. The value is specified in KB. If you specify 0 or do not specify a value, the default client clipboard memory size is 8192 KB (8 MB).

A large clipboard memory size can negatively affect performance, depending on your network. VMware recommends that you do not set the clipboard memory size to a value greater than 16 MB.

To transfer larger amounts of data, use the client drive redirection feature.