You can update Horizon Client online.

By default, a green icon appears on the Options menu to indicate that a new Horizon Client version is available.

During the update process, by default, you can select or deselect the Check for updates and show badge notification check box to specify whether Horizon Client checks for updates automatically and displays the new version notification.

Depending on how an administrator configures the online update feature, you might not be able to select the Check for updates and show badge notification check box or skip an update. You might be able to specify that a pop-up message appears when a new version is available.


  • Save your work before you update Horizon Client. The update might initiate a system reboot.
  • Verify that you can log in as an administrator on the client system.
  • Verify that the online update feature is enabled.


  1. Log in to the client system as an administrator.
  2. Start Horizon Client, click Options in the menu bar and select Software Updates.
  3. To check for available updates, click Check for Updates.
    Horizon Client indicates whether an update is available.
  4. To begin the update process if a new version is available, click Download and Install.
    Alternatively, you can click Skip (if available), or click Remind Me Later to install the update another time. If you click Skip, you do not see another update notification until the next Horizon Client version is available. You can still click Software Updates to manually check for an update.
  5. To install the update after Horizon Client has downloaded it, click OK.
    The Horizon Client interactive installation wizard opens.