After you send a session collaboration invitation, the Session Collaboration user interface turns into a dashboard that shows the current state of the shared remote desktop session (collaborative session) and enables you to take certain actions.

A Horizon administrator can configure a remote desktop to prevent the hand off of control to a session collaborator.


Start a collaborative session. See Invite a User to Join a Remote Desktop Session.


  1. In the remote desktop, click the VMware Horizon Collaboration icon in the system tray.
    The names of all session collaborators appear in the Name column and their status appears in the Status column.
  2. Use the VMware Horizon Session Collaboration dashboard to manage the collaborative session.
    Option Action
    Revoke an invitation or remove a collaborator Click Remove in the Status column.
    Hand off control to a session collaborator After the session collaborator joins the session, toggle the switch in the Control column to On.

    To resume control of the session, double-click or press any key. The session collaborator can also give back control by toggling the switch in the Control column to Off, or by clicking the Give Back Control button.

    Add a collaborator Click Add Collaborators.
    End the collaborative session Click End Collaboration. All active collaborators are disconnected.

    In Windows remote desktops, you can also end the collaborative session by clicking the Stop button next to the VMware Horizon Session Collaboration icon. The Stop button is not available in Linux remote desktops.