You can configure Horizon Client to synchronize the toggle states of the Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock keys from the client system to a remote desktop by enabling a setting in Horizon Client. This setting is disabled by default.

If an administrator has configured lock key synchronization, you cannot change the lock key synchronization setting in Horizon Client.

If an administrator has not configured lock key synchronization, or the Horizon Client lock key synchronization setting is not selected, the lock key toggle state is synchronized from the remote desktop to the client system by default.


  1. Start Horizon Client and connect to a server.
  2. Open the Settings dialog box for the remote desktop.
    • Click the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the desktop and application selection window and select the remote desktop in the left pane.
    • Right-click the remote desktop in the desktop and application selection window and select Settings.
  3. To enable the lock key synchronization feature, toggle the Automatically synchronize the keypad, scroll and caps lock keys option to on.