You can include specific properties when you silently install Horizon Client from the command line. You must use a PROPERTY=value format so that Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) can interpret the properties and values.

Table 1 shows the Horizon Client silent installation properties that you can use at the command-line.

Table 1. MSI Properties for Silently Installing Horizon Client
MSI Property Description Default Value
INSTALLDIR The path and folder in which the Horizon Client software is installed.

For example: INSTALLDIR=""D:\abc\my folder""

The sets of two double quotes that enclose the path permit the MSI installer to interpret the space as a valid part of the path.

%ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client
VDM_IP_PROTOCOL_USAGE Specifies the IP (network protocol) version that View components use for communication. The possible values are IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4
VDM_SERVER The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the View Connection Server instance to which Horizon Client users connect by default. When you configure this property, Horizon Client users do not have to supply this FQDN.

For example:

This MSI property is optional.

DESKTOP_SHORTCUT Configures a desktop shortcut icon for Horizon Client.

A value of 1 installs the shortcut. A value of 0 does not install the shortcut.

STARTMENU_SHORTCUT Configures a shortcut for Horizon Client in the Start menu.

A value of 1 installs the shortcut. A value of 0 does not install the shortcut.

URL_FILTERING_ENABLED Specifies whether to install the URL Content Redirection feature. A value of 1 installs the feature.
Note: The option ADDLOCAL=ALL does not include this feature.
VDM_FIPS_ENABLED Specifies whether to install Horizon Client with FIPS-compliant cryptography.
A value of 1 installs the client with FIPS-compliant cryptography. A value of 0 does not.
Note: Before you set this option to 1, you must enable FIPS mode in the Windows client operating system. See Enabling FIPS Mode in the Windows Client Operating System.

In a silent installation command, you can use the MSI property, ADDLOCAL=, to specify features that the Horizon Client installer configures. Each silent-installation feature corresponds to a setup option that you can select during an interactive installation.

Table 2 shows the Horizon Client features you can type at the command line and the corresponding interactive-installation options.

Table 2. Horizon Client Silent Installation Features and Interactive Custom Setup Options
Silent Installation Feature Custom Setup Option in an Interactive Installation

If you specify individual features with the MSI property, ADDLOCAL=, you must include Core.


During an interactive installation, the core Horizon Client functions are installed by default.

TSSO Log in as the currently logged-in Windows domain user
USB USB Redirection