Administrators create virtual machines with a guest operating system and install agent software in the guest operating system. End users can log in to these virtual machines from a client device.

For a list of the supported Windows guest operating systems, see the "Supported Operating Systems for View Agent" topic in the View 5.x or 6.x installation documentation. See the "Supported Operating Systems for Horizon Agent" topic in the Horizon 7 installation documentation.

Some Linux guest operating systems are also supported if you have View Agent 6.1.1 or later, or Horizon Agent 7.0 or later. For information about system requirements, configuring Linux virtual machines for use in Horizon 6 or Horizon 7, and a list of supported features, see Setting Up Horizon 6 for Linux Desktops, which is part of the Horizon 6, version 6.1 documentation, or see Setting Up Horizon 7 for Linux Desktops.