Published applications look and feel like applications that are installed on the local client PC or laptop.

Follow these tips when using published applications.

  • You can minimize and maximize a published application through the application. When a published application is minimized, it appears in the taskbar of your client system. You can also minimize and maximize the published application by clicking its icon in the taskbar.

  • You can quit a published application through the application or by right-clicking its icon in the taskbar.

  • You can press Alt+Tab to switch between open published applications.

  • If a published application creates a Windows System Tray item, that item also appears in the system tray on your Windows client computer. By default, the system tray icons only appear to show notifications, but you can customize this behavior just as you do with natively installed applications.


    If you open the Control Panel to customize the notification area icons, the names of the icons for published applications are listed as VMware Horizon Client - application name.