You can update Horizon Client online.

About this task

An administrator can disable the online update feature by modifying a group policy setting. You can also disable the online update feature by setting the AUTO_UPDATE_ENABLED property to 0 if you install Horizon Client from the command line. For more information, see the VMware Horizon Client for Windows Installation and Setup Guide document.


  • Save your work before you update Horizon Client. The update might initiate a system reboot.

  • Verify that you can log in as an administrator on the client system.


  1. Log in to the client system as an administrator.
  2. In Horizon Client, click Software Updates.



    Before you connect to a server

    Click Options > Software Updates.

    After you connect to a server

    Click Help > Software Updates.

  3. To check for available updates, click Check for Updates.

    Horizon Client indicates whether an update is available.

    If the Enable update notifications check box is selected (the default), Horizon Client automatically detects available updates and a red dot appears on the Options menu (before you connect to a server) or on the Help button (after you connect to a server) to indicate that a new Horizon Client version is available. You can disable automatic update detection by deselecting this check box.

  4. If an update is available, click Download and Install to begin the update process.
  5. After Horizon Client downloads the update, click OK to install the update.

    The Horizon Client interactive installation wizard opens.