Running published applications might remain open when Horizon Client disconnects from a server. You can configure how running published applications behave when Horizon Client reconnects to the server.

An administrator can disable the published application reconnection behavior settings in Horizon Client.


  1. In the desktop and application selector window of Horizon Client, right-click a published application and select Settings.
  2. In the Remote Applications pane that appears, select an application reconnection behavior setting.
    Option Description
    Ask to reconnect to open applications Horizon Client notifies you that you have one or more applications running when you reconnect to the server. You can click Reconnect to applications to reopen the application windows, or Not Now to not reopen the application windows.
    Reconnect automatically to open applications Application windows for running applications automatically reopen when you reconnect to the server.
    Do not ask to reconnect and do not automatically reconnect Horizon Client does not prompt you to reopen running applications and running application windows do not reopen when you reconnect to the server.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.


The setting takes effect the next time Horizon Client connects to the server.