When you install Horizon Client from the command line, you can specify certain installation commands.

The following table describes the Horizon Client installation commands.

Table 1. Horizon Client Installation Commands



/? or /help

Lists the Horizon Client installation commands and properties.


Installs Horizon Client silently. You do not need to respond to wizard prompts.


Installs Horizon Client interactively. You must respond to wizard prompts.


Uninstalls Horizon Client.


Repairs Horizon Client.


Suppresses all restarts and restart prompts during the installation process.

/x /extract

Extracts the installer packages into the %TEMP% directory.

/l or /log

Specifies a folder and a naming pattern for installation log files.

For example, if you specify the following command, the Horizon Client installer creates log files that have the prefix Test in the folder named C:\Temp.

/log "C:\Temp\Test"