Horizon Agent and Horizon Client, and the virtual desktop or RDS host and client machine on which you install the agent and client software, must meet certain requirements to support the Geolocation Redirection feature.

With Geolocation Redirection, if an end user uses the Internet Explorer 11 browser, geolocation information is sent from the client system to the remote desktop or published application.

Virtual desktop or RDS host

  • Horizon Agent 7.6 or later must be installed with the Geolocation Redirection custom setup option selected. This option is not selected by default. See the topics about installing Horizon Agent in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 and Setting Up Published Desktops and Applications in Horizon 7 documents.

  • The VMware Geolocation Redirection group policy settings must be configured on the Active Directory server and the VMware Horizon Geolocation Redirection IE Plugin must be enabled. See the topics about configuring Geolocation Redirection in the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon 7 document.

  • Internet Explorer 11 must be installed.

Client system

  • You must share the client system's location information by configuring the Geolocation settings in Horizon Client. For information, see Share Location Information.

  • For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 client systems, the Windows Location service setting must be On in Settings > Privacy > Location for Horizon to access your location.

Display protocol for the remote session

  • PCoIP

  • VMware Blast