A Horizon administrator can configure URL links that you click inside a remote desktop or published application to open in the default browser on the local client system. The URL link might be to a Web page, a phone number, an email address, or another type of link. This feature is called URL Content Redirection.

A Horizon administrator can also configure URL links that you click inside a browser or application on the local client system to open in a remote desktop or published application. If Horizon Client is not already open you click the URL link, it starts and prompts you to log in.

A Horizon administrator might set up the URL Content Redirection feature for security purposes. For example, if you are at work and click a link that points to a URL outside your company network, the link might be more safely opened in a published application. An administrator can configure which published application opens the link.

Using URL Content Redirection with Chrome

The first time a URL is redirected from the Chrome browser on the client, you are prompted to open the URL in Horizon Client. If you select the Remember my choice for URL:VMware Hori...lient Protocol links check box (recommended) and then click Open URL:VMware Hori...lient Protocol, this prompt does not appear again.