A Horizon administrator can set Adobe Flash content to display in a remote desktop at a level designed to conserve computing resources. Sometimes these settings can result in low playback quality. By moving the mouse pointer into the Adobe Flash content, you can override the Adobe Flash settings that the Horizon administrator specifies.

Adobe Flash display control is available for Internet Explorer sessions only on Windows, and only for Adobe Flash versions 9 and 10. To control Adobe Flash display quality, Adobe Flash must not be running in full screen mode.


  1. From Internet Explorer in the remote desktop, browse to the relevant Adobe Flash content and start it if necessary.
    Depending on how the Horizon administrator configured Adobe Flash settings, you might notice dropped frames or low playback quality.
  2. Move the mouse pointer into the Adobe Flash content while it is playing.
    If the pointer remains in the Adobe Flash content, display quality is improved.
  3. To retain the improvement in quality, double-click inside the Adobe Flash content.