You can configure Horizon Client to share local storage with a remote desktop or published application. This feature is called client drive redirection.

In a Windows remote desktop or published application, local storage appears in the Documents (Z:) network folder. You can copy files from this network folder to a remote desktop, and you can copy files from a remote desktop to this network folder. You can also edit, delete, and rename the files and folders in this network folder from a remote desktop.


  • Enable the client drive redirection feature. This task involves enabling the agent Client Drive Redirection option. It can also include setting policies or registry settings to control client drive redirection behavior. For more information, see the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon document.
  • Verify that iOS 11 or later is installed on the iOS device.


  1. Tap Settings at the bottom of the Horizon Client window to open the Settings window and tap File Sharing.
  2. To enable client drive redirection, tap File Sharing in the Settings window and toggle the option to on.
  3. Connect to a remote desktop or published application.

What to do next

Verify your changes in the remote desktop or published application.

  • In a Windows remote desktop, open the network folder named Documents (Z:).
  • In a published application, select File > Open or File > Save As, if applicable and navigate to the network folder Documents (Z:).