When Horizon Client log collection is enabled on the client device, you can manually retrieve and send log files at any time.

This procedure explains how to retrieve and send log files through Horizon Client. If the client device is connected to a PC or Mac, you can also use iTunes to retrieve log files.


  • Verify that an email account is configured on the client device. Horizon Client sends log files from this email account.
  • Enable Horizon Client log collection. See Enable Horizon Client Log Collection.


  1. In Horizon Client, tap the email icon at the top of the window.
  2. Type the address of the email recipient in the To: line and click Send to send the message.
    The email account configured on the client device appears in the From: line.
    The existing GZ log file is attached to the message. Horizon Client saves a maximum of five GZ log files. It deletes the oldest files when the GZ log file count is greater then five.