Horizon Client stops responding or a remote desktop freezes.


Horizon Client does not work or repeatedly exits unexpectedly, or the remote desktop freezes.


If the server is configured properly and the correct firewall ports are open, the cause of the problem usually relates to Horizon Client on the device or to the remote desktop operating system.


  • If the remote desktop operating system freezes, use Horizon Client on the client device to reset the desktop.
    This option is available only if a Horizon administrator has enabled the desktop reset feature.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Horizon Client app on the client device.
  • If resetting the remote desktop and reinstalling Horizon Client do not help, you can reset the client device, as described in the client device user guide from Apple.
  • If you receive a connection error when you attempt to connect to the server, you might need to change your proxy settings.

What to do next

If the problem is with the remote desktop operating system, see Reset a Remote Desktop or Published Applications.