You can switch between Horizon Client and other apps without losing a remote desktop or application connection.

In a WiFi network, by default Horizon Client runs in the background for up to three minutes on iOS 7.0 and later devices. In a 3G network, Horizon Client suspends data transmission when you switch to another app. Data transmission resumes when you switch back to Horizon Client.

You can copy and paste plain text between an iOS app and a remote desktop or between two remote desktops. Formatting information is not copied.

  • Text that you copy to the clipboard is automatically copied to your remote desktop's clipboard when you log in to the remote desktop.
  • If you are logged in to a remote desktop, text that you copy to the remote desktop's clipboard is copied to your iOS device's clipboard when you press the Home button or switch to the background.

By default, you can copy and paste plain text between an iOS device application and a remote application. The clipboard can accommodate 1MB of data for copy and paste operations. To enable users to copy plain text between a remote application and an iOS device application, you must modify the PCoIP session group policy setting called Configure clipboard redirection on the RDS host that hosts the remote application pool. For information about configuring this group policy setting, see the Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View document.