When you enable log collection, Horizon Client creates log files that contain information that can help VMware troubleshoot problems with Horizon Client.

Because log collection affects the performance of Horizon Client, enable log collection only if you are experiencing a problem.


Verify that an email account is configured on your device. Horizon Client uses this email account to send log files.


  1. On your iOS device, open the Horizon Client settings.
    Option Description
    Horizon Client 3.0 Tap your iOS Settings app and tap VMware View.
    Horizon Client 3.1 through 3.5 Tap your iOS Settings app and tap Horizon.
    Horizon Client 4.0 and later Tap Settings at the bottom of the Horizon Client screen.
  2. Tap to toggle the Logging option (Horizon Client 3.0 through 3.5) or the Log Collection option (Horizon Client 4.0 and later) to on.


After log collection is enabled, Horizon Client generates several log files. When Horizon Client quits unexpectedly or is exited and relaunched, the log files are merged and compressed into a single GZ file. If you choose to send the log, Horizon Client attaches the GZ file to an email message.

If you switch from a running desktop to settings, enable log collection, and switch back to the desktop, you must reconnect to the desktop to collect a complete log file.