Real-Time Audio-Video works with standard audio devices and with standard conferencing applications such as Skype, WebEx, and Google Hangouts. To support Real-Time Audio-Video, your Horizon deployment must meet certain software and hardware requirements.

Important: Only the audio-in feature is supported. The video feature is not supported.
Remote desktops
The desktops must have View Agent 5.3 or later installed. For View Agent 5.3 desktops, the desktops must also have the corresponding Remote Experience Agent installed. For example, if View Agent 5.3 is installed, you must also install the Remote Experience Agent from View 5.3 Feature Pack 1. See the View Feature Pack Installation and Administration document. If you have View Agent 6.0 or later, or Horizon Agent 7.0 or later, no feature pack is required.
To use Real-Time Audio-Video with RDS desktops and remote applications, you must have Horizon Agent 7.0.2 or later.
Client access device
Real-Time Audio-Video is supported on all iOS devices that run Horizon Client for iOS. For more information, see System Requirements.