When you connect to a server, Horizon Client saves the server to the Servers window. You can edit and remove saved servers.

Horizon Client saves the server, even if you mistype the name or type the wrong IP address. You can delete or change this information.

Important: You tap a server name to connect to the server.


  1. Tap Servers (cloud icon) at the bottom of the window to display the saved servers.
  2. To manage a saved server, touch and hold the server icon until the context menu appears.
    Option Action
    Change the user name, domain, server name, or description
    1. Tap Edit Server in the context menu.
    2. Make your changes on the Edit Server window.
    3. Tap Update to save your changes.
    Remove a server Tap Delete Server in the context menu.

    The desktop and application shortcuts associated with the server are also deleted.

    Forget a saved password Tap Forget Password in the context menu. This option is available only if you previously saved your password.
    Disable Touch ID Tap Sign Out. This option is available only if you previously enabled Touch ID.