If you have a Swiftpoint GT mouse, you can enable it to work with remote desktops and applications in Horizon Client.


  • Turn on the Swiftpoint GT mouse.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the client device.


  1. Tap Settings at the bottom of the Horizon Client window.
  2. Tap Mouse on the Settings window.
  3. Tap Swiftpoint GT Mouse and toggle the option to on.
    Horizon Client shows the Swiftpoint GT mouse and an option to connect to it. If Bluetooth is not turned on, Horizon Client prompts you to go to the iOS settings and turn on Bluetooth before you pair the mouse with the client device.
  4. (Optional) To learn more about using the Swiftpoint GT mouse with Horizon Client, click the http://www.swiftpoint.com/vmware link.


After you pair the mouse with the device, mouse actions are redirected to remote desktops and applications that you open with Horizon Client