The Horizon Plus Documentation page describes how to get started with using the service.

Welcome Email

VMware sends a Welcome email to the administrator account to confirm evaluation or purchase of the license. The email confirms registration and contains an invitation link to redeem access to VMware Horizon Cloud.

VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ is part of the overall Anywhere Workspace solution.

The Horizon Cloud license service in VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ - next-gen ensures that IT administrators can access and leverage features per license type purchased.

See the VMware Horizon Subscription Comparison Matrix for a Horizon subscription licensing feature comparison, which broadly classifies licenses as Term and SaaS. Not all features listed currently apply to VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ - next-gen.

Note: The Welcome email does not contain information about the type of license purchased. You can obtain such information from your VMware Customer Connect™ account. To become a customer connect user, see KB article 2007005.

After you complete the onboarding process, you can track your Horizon licenses from the Horizon Universal Console. At this time, when you have access solely to the next-gen Horizon Control Plane, you must contact VMware support to request that they send you the perpetual keys. For more information, see Use the Horizon Universal Console to Track Your Horizon Licenses.

Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console

Note: For more details about VMware Cloud™ services , see VMware Cloud services Product Documentation. You might see other names for VMware Cloud services in VMware products and documentation, such as "VMware Cloud Services Platform" (CSP) and "VMware Cloud Services Engagement Platform."
  1. Create a new VMware Cloud services account.

    The instructions start with your Welcome email. You click the link in the email, create a VMware Cloud services account, and use your VMware ID to sign in to VMware Cloud services.

    The VMware Cloud Services Console opens to the Organization Setup page.

  2. Enter an organization name of your choosing and click Create Organization and Complete Sign-Up.

    VMware Cloud services Console page appears showing all the services you have

  3. Click your name in the top right corner and click View Organization.

    You return to the VMware Cloud Services Console where you can now assign the required roles.

About Adding More Users and Assigning Roles

When you use the link in the Welcome email to redeem the invitation, you are automatically assigned the Administrator role. The Administrator role gives you full permissions to the UI and APIs for the Horizon Universal Console, which you need to onboard. You can provide other administrative users with access rights to the Horizon Universal Console. For details, see Assigning Administrative Roles to Horizon Universal Console Users

Use the VMware Cloud Services Console to Launch Workspace ONE

To launch Horizon Cloud, perform the following steps.
  1. In the left pane, click Services.
  2. Click Launch Service for Workspace ONE.

  3. Click Manage on the Horizon Cloud Service tile to launch the Horizon Universal Console.

Use the Horizon Universal Console to Select Your Horizon Cloud Region

After you launch the console, you are prompted to select your region. To comply with the data sovereignty principles, you must select the region for your resources and their metadata to reside. The region once selected cannot be changed.

  1. Select your Horizon Cloud Region.
  2. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms of service.
  3. Click Save & Continue to navigate to the Get started with Horizon Universal Console page.
Note: At this point, the Horizon Universal Console might display a banner at the top of the screen stating that license-syncing is in progress. In this case, the console does not display all of the features that your specific license enables until the sync finishes and you refresh your browser. After the sync finishes, the Horizon Universal Console displays the elements appropriate for your license. See When You Read About a Feature Here That You Don't See in Your Live Environment