Complete the following tasks to prepare your Horizon 8 components for onboarding to the Horizon Cloud control plane. Ensure that the requirements are satisfied as described in the following sections to complete a successful onboarding.

Checklist Audience

Some of the requirements listed in the following sections are needed to successfully onboard Horizon components for the purpose of using a subscription license with a Horizon Edge deployment. Some requirements are those needed for the key tasks that are performed after that initial onboarding to enable the use of Horizon Cloud Control Plane services with the Horizon components.

Horizon Edge Gateway and Horizon Connection Server Requirements

For interoperability between Horizon Edge Gateway and Horizon, the Horizon Connection Server must be 7.13.2 or later. Then, to use the latest cloud services and features with the cloud-connected Horizon Edge, Horizon Connection Server must run the current version of Horizon Edge services.
For new deployments, it is strongly recommended to use the newest Horizon Edge Gateway version.

The Horizon Edge Gateway appliance deployment procedure uses:

  • Static IP
  • DNS forward and reverse lookup records
Resource requirements for the Horizon Edge Gateway virtual appliance. The resource requirements depend on the deployed Horizon Edge's architecture. The lists below reflect which versions are currently supported for new deployments for each design.
Version 2.2.0
8 vCPUs, 16 GB memory (RAM), 40 GB datastore

DNS, Ports, and Protocols Requirements

Specific ports and protocols are required both for onboarding a Horizon pod to Horizon Cloud and for ongoing operations of the pod with the Horizon Edge Gateway paired with that pod, and the Horizon Edge Gateway with the Horizon Cloud control plane. See Make Appropriate Destination URLs Reachable to Deploy a Horizon Edge Gateway in a Horizon 8 Environment.

Licensing for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Horizon Cloud does not provide any guest operating system licensing required for use of Microsoft Windows operating systems that you use in the course of using the Horizon Cloud workflows. You, the customer, have the responsibility to have valid and eligible Microsoft licenses that entitle you to create, perform workflows on, and operate the Windows-based desktop VMs and RDSH VMs that you choose to use in your Horizon Cloud tenant environment. The required licensing depends on your intended use.

Licensing for one or more of the following types: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 10
Licensing for one or more of the following types: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Server 2016, Microsoft Server 2019
Microsoft Windows RDS Licensing Servers — for high availability, redundant licensing servers are recommended
Microsoft RDS User or Device CALs or both