When significant changes are made to the parent image, you clone an image version to create a new image from an existing published image version.

Before performing any of the following steps, also review key information at Requirements and Considerations Specific to Using Horizon Image Management Service with Deployments of Horizon Edge in Microsoft Azure.

With these steps, you create a new image version with an incremented version from major or minor available or partially available versions.


  • The image is imported and published.
  • The selected image is available or partially available.
  • At least one virtual network and tenant (desktop) subnet is selected for the provider.


  1. On the Horizon Universal Console Home page, click Images.
  2. On the Images page, click an image link to copy the image version.
  3. Select an image and click Copy > Copy as Image.
  4. In the General Information section, add an Image Name and click Next.
  5. In Network, select the network to use for the new VM of the copied image, and click Save.