The next-generation cloud architecture for Horizon Cloud is VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ - next-gen. This next generation of Horizon Cloud provides a pod-less deployment architecture.

Horizon Cloud delivers a cloud-first, multi-cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with Thin Edge Infrastructure. Horizon Cloud provides a global view of your desktops and applications that spans across the on-premises and the cloud environments. Regardless from which environment you collect the source data, Horizon Cloud provides a consistent way to manage and to monitor your desktop and your application deployments.

The Horizon Cloud infrastructure components, such as the connection servers, applications volumes manager, pod managers, and databases are removed from the user environment to the control plane.
Architectural design of VMware Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, including the VMware Horizon control plane, the Horizon site, and your organization.

Intended Audience

The information in this document is intended for experienced data center administrators with knowledge in the following areas.

  • VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon Connection Server
  • VMware Horizon Cloud Connector
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway™
  • VMware Workspace ONE® Access™
  • Virtualization technology
  • Networking
  • VMware Cloud™ on AWS and Amazon Web Services EC2 (AWS EC2)
  • Microsoft Azure and its Marketplace
  • Azure VMware Solution (AVS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

Horizon Cloud Community

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Contacting VMware Support

Contact VMware Support when you need help with your Horizon Cloud environment.

  • You can submit a support request to VMware Support online using your VMware Customer Connect account or by phone.
  • KB 2144012 Customer Support Guidelines provides details for getting support depending on the issue encountered.
  • In the console, clicking Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure: This image shows the circle help icon that you can use in the console. > Support, displays the link to that KB 2144012 also.

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