• The Horizon Edge Gateway is in a Ready state.
  • At least one vSphere secondary provider instance is added to Horizon 8 edge along with configuring the credentials.Such vSphere instance should be accessible by the resident connection servers on the Horizon 8 edge.
  • Ensure the edge components (such as engines, twins and modules) are all configured and running with appropriate secrets and credentials mounted to access the vsphere instance that is added as a secondary provider instance. (Please contact VMware to install/update the Horizon 8 edge).
  • Ensure is resolvable and reachable from the management and tenant (desktop) subnets using the 443 port over TCP protocol for downloading agent-related software used in the system image-creation. For more information, see Requirements Checklist for Deploying a Horizon 8 Edge.
  • Currently supported Operating Systems
    • Windows 10, Windows-11 and Windows Server-2022
    • Horizon 8 edge that corresponds to 2306 release of connection server and onwards


  1. On the Home page click Images on the Images tile to navigate to the Images page.
  2. On the Images page, click Add to navigate to the Add Image page.
  3. In the General Information section, add a unique Image Name and click Next.

    Please note the resulting image copies residing on the vSphere Provider will have the actual VM names in the form of <image-name>-<version>-<provider-instance-id> , where the image name is given by the user (for example,W10FIN) while the version is 1.0.0, and the provider id is alpha numeric. (for example, W10FIN-1-0-0-64dca4f6b4ec280a750c04df). This helps in identifying particular image copy with that provider instance

  4. You can add a description of the image.
  5. In the Markers field, you need to ensure at-least one marker is present. This makes sure that after the image is published it is available for desktop/server pool creation.
  6. In the Image Source section, select a source option tile Horizon 8.
  7. Select the Horizon edge and corresponding vCenter.
  8. Select VM Type either of Template or Snapshot.
  9. Select the VM of your choice.
  10. Add the credentials for this VM. This should exactly match with the existing credentials used to login to the template/snapshot VM selected. Note that any mismatch in entered credentials with actuals results in failure in operations such as publish.