To deliver an App Volumes application package to an end user, you must entitle an application to a user or group of users.

Here are some considerations when creating entitlements for an application:
  • An application can be entitled to a single or multiple users or user groups.
  • An entitlement can be created based on a specific package version or a CURRENT marker which is not yet set on any package. If you choose the CURRENT marker, the application is entitled to the user or user group. Later when a package for this application is created and marked CURRENT, the user or user group receives this package.

    An entitlement is created based on the Current marker with no package. Until a package is created, the application, TestCapture, is entitled to the user or user group.

  • For a marker-based entitlement, the user or user group always receives the package with the CURRENT version. If the administrator sets the CURRENT marker to another package, the user or user group, in the subsequent login, receives the new package which has the CURRENT marker.
  • An application can be entitled to a user or user group even if the application has no package.

For the application package to get delivered to the user or user group, the package status must be Ready.

Multiple applications can also be assigned to a user or a user group at the same time.


A package is in the Ready status after capturing an application. For more information, see VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ - next-gen - Capture an App Volumes Application Package.

Before creating an App Volumes entitlement, you must first create a floating VDI desktop assignment. Due to the processing needs of Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, this assignment must have a VMware-recommended desktop model that provides at least 2 vCPU and 4 GB RAM.


  1. In the Horizon Universal Console, navigate to Desktop and App Catalog > App Volumes.
  2. Select the application to which you want to entitle a user or a user group.
  3. Click Entitlement > ENTITLE.
  4. On the Entitle App Volumes page, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the desired package.
    2. Select the User types.
    3. Depending on the user type selected in the previous step, add the users or user groups.
      Entitle an App Volumes application to one of the user types: Users or User groups.
  5. Click Save.
    All entitlements for an application are displayed in the Entitlements tab.
    1. Navigate to Desktop & App Catalog > App Volumes.
    2. Click an application.
    3. In the application details page, click the Entitlements tab.
      All entitlements associated with the application are displayed on the page.
      Note: In Horizon Cloud Service first-gen, each assignment can have multiple applications which can be assigned to multiple users or user groups. Hence, the Assignment page displays all the applications and their corresponding users or user groups.

      However in the VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ - next-gen, the application entitlements page displays only the user or user groups associated with the application packages for that specific application only.

      If a package with CURRENT marker is chosen for a specific user or user group, then the Marker column on this page displays CURRENT for that user or user group entitlement.Test Application has two entitlements. Each entitlement is assigned a package which has the Current marker.