End-user desktop network issues are detected by the Horizon Cloud infrastructure based on communication from installed Horizon Agent instances. Horizon Cloud uses notifications to communicate those network issues with you.

Horizon Agent communicates network traffic data, such as network packet loss, network latency, and so on, to Horizon Cloud. Horizon Cloud analyzes the data and sends a notification directly to the Horizon Universal Console. For general information about notifications, see Notifications in Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen.

When a network-related notification, such as "Network degradation detected," appears in the Horizon Universal Console, you can click the notification to learn more about the number of impacted desktops. You can view the impacted desktops on the Workspace ONE Intelligence report. You can access Workspace ONE Intelligence from the Horizon Universal Console Home page. To resolve the network issues, you can look at your end-user desktop network infrastructure and apply fixes.