This documentation page provides how to get started with the VMware Horizon Accelerator (VHA) SaaS offering. Links at the bottom lead to pages with more detailed information.

Screenshot of the console's Accelerator menu with the Operational Insights entry selected.

Brief Introduction

Horizon Accelerator is an add-on SKU to the Horizon Universal License subscriptions.

Horizon Accelerator provides you with ongoing day-0 to day-2 support to your Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen environment and the ability to gain insights and visibility into your environment.

With Horizon Accelerator, you gain a faster time to value and eliminate complexity and the learning curve around your VDI environment. The dedicated VDI expertise augments your IT staff and eases the burden of day-0 through day-2 operations.

You access the Horizon Accelerator features in the VHA Control Center, within the Horizon Universal Console.


When the licensing associated with your next-gen environment entitles you to use Horizon Accelerator, the Horizon Universal Console automatically displays Accelerator in the console's navigation, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of the Accelerator left-navigation entry with a green arrow pointing to it.

As new features are released to the cloud control plane, they become automatically available for your use.

To verify the licenses associated with your environment, use the console's Subscriptions page. See Use the Horizon Universal Console to Track Your Horizon Licenses. To use Horizon Accelerator, your environment requires:

VMware Horizon Accelerator (VHA) Control Center

With this control center, you gain insights and visibility into the resources within the providers that are configured with your next-gen environment, while at the same time avoiding the need to log into each provider's UI or portal and examine each individual resource.

Operational insights
The Operational Insights view provides actionable insights and on-screen guidance into resources within the provider that you might adjust to reduce operational costs.

Each resource-related area highlights issues that might exist, and reveals opportunities for optimization.

Infrastructure resources insights
The Provider Resources view works in tandem with the Operational Insights view to provide visibility into the provider resources.

This ability to gain visibility to the state of the provider resources can be especially helpful for your next-gen environment's administrators who might not have access to the provider's portal.

Within the Provider Resources view is a feature for exporting resource data into a downloadable file format. A refresh feature provides for obtaining the data for the moment you want to see it.

Horizon Pros Desk

The Horizon Pros Desk is staffed by a team, the Horizon Pros, of dedicated Horizon delivery experts. The Horizon Pros provide:

  • 24x7 support
  • Dedicated VDI expertise
  • Full life cycle support, including day-0 through day-2 optimization, and guidance such as standard architectures, best practices, and so on.
  • Expert guidance across Horizon deployment types
Note: The Horizon Pros Desk features are provided for both Microsoft Azure deployments and on-premises deployments.

You can refer to VMware Production Support for Cloud Products PDF at the site for a description of VMware's 24-hour support for cloud deployments.

Learn More

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