Several architectural characteristics define how the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen service operates and also how this service improves upon that of its Horizon Cloud Service - first-gen predecessor.

This section covers characteristics specific for the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, currently available for native Microsoft Azure. It does not address the use case of Horizon 8 pods connecting to the Horizon Control Plane and consuming additional SaaS services.

This architecture provides for cloud-based deployments that are easy to configure, operate, and manage.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the Horizon Control Plane and an initial Horizon Edge deployed into Microsoft Azure Cloud (Horizon Edge-1). In this example, while working in the deployment wizard, the administrator chose to use two Horizon Edge Gateway instances.

Architectural design of Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, including the Horizon control plane, two Horizon sites, and your organization.

The following core infrastructure elements provide these services:

  • Horizon Control Plane.
  • Horizon Edge Gateway instance. For Microsoft Azure Cloud as the provider, the deployer deploys a Microsoft Azure load balancer with this instance.
  • Unified Access Gateway instances and a load balancer for those instances.

For more details about the architecture, see Horizon Cloud Service next-gen Architecture.

Differences From the First-Generation

Significant improvements and behaviors differentiate Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen from its preceding Horizon Cloud Service - first-gen. A key benefit of Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen is that many of the infrastructure components that were previously deployed into your organization's environment now reside as services in Horizon Control Plane.

If you have migrated from Horizon Cloud Service - first-gen to Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, differences in the user experience are outlined in Self-Service Migration of First-Generation Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Deployments to Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen. For current additions to Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, see the What's New section of the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen Release Notes.