The goal of the Subscriptions page is to help administrators quickly determine the status of their Horizon subscription licenses.

To view your Horizon subscription licenses, in the left menu, click Subscriptions.

Screenshot of the Subscriptions page, which lists Horizon license information
The following details apply to the Subscriptions page.
  • You can change the way the page presents the license details by using the sorting arrows or filters available on the page. For example, in the table heading, you can use filters for the Classification (Concurrent or Named) and Status columns, among others. Also, you can use sorting arrows for the Start Date and Expiry Date columns, among others.
  • SID
    Service Instance ID
    A unique identifier generated for each subscription
  • Billing - The license billing types are as follows.
    One bill at the start of the license
    One bill for each month of the license
    No bill because the license is a trial license
  • Classification - The license usage model classification.
    Concurrent Users
    Refers to the total number of end users accessing or using the software at any given time to maintain an active or idle connection to their desktops or applications from an endpoint device. See the following examples.
    • A concurrent user running three desktops at the same time via three different endpoint devices is counted three times, once for each of the three concurrently connected desktop sessions.
    • A concurrent user running three desktops at the same time via the same endpoint device and the same client is counted only once.

    To see concurrent-license usage details, on the Subscriptions page, click the Concurrent band of the Total User Licenses circle to open the Concurrent Licenses page.

    The Concurrent Licenses page with an example of 10 concurrent licenses, where the peak usage statistics on the page indicate that one license was the peak number of licenses in use during the specified time periods: Last 24 hours, This month, and Last 90 days.
    Note: Click Refresh to update the peak usage statistics.

    The Concurrent Licenses page displays information about your concurrent licenses, such as the total number of concurrent licenses available and the peak usage statistics. The peak usage statistics show the highest number of concurrent licenses in use during specific time periods. Notice that the "This month" statistic displays the highest number of concurrent licenses in use so far for the current month.