This documentation page describes key things to know about the maintenance of the VMware software components that comprise the deployed Horizon Edge.

When a product update is upcoming, including Horizon infrastructure products such as Unified Access Gateway (UAG), Edge gateway, and so on, VMware sends a notification email to you.

You also receive email notifications when each phase of the update process starts, completes, is rescheduled, or is canceled.

Note: Product updates require no downtime and do not impact your environment or workloads. Delaying a product update can result in your Horizon Cloud Service running an unsupported software version, which is not advised.

When the product update process is complete, VMware send you an email summary of what was updated.

To ensure that you receive these email notifications, add the email address to your email allow list.

Unified Access Gateway, Edge gateway, and clusters are updated on a rolling basis. To view the information related to product update and maintenance in your Horizon Universal Console, select Resources > Capacity > Maintenance.

If the scheduled maintenance timing does not work for you, contact VMware Support by clicking the Contact Support button on the Maintenance page to reschedule.