You can edit markers for an image version that is in a partially available or available state.


  • The image is imported and published.
  • The selected version is in a partially available or available state.


  1. Log into Horizon Universal Console.
  2. On Home page, click Images on the Images tile.
  3. On the Images page, click an image link in Available state to list the image versions.
  4. On the image versions page select an image version and click Edit.
  5. On the Edit Version page add or edit Description and add or delete existing Markers, or add new Markers.
    If you add existing markers of a version to the current edited version, all associated Pools with the marker would be updated to the current version. Markers associated with Pools cannot be deleted.
    Note: If a marker associated with an older agent version is selected, a warning message is displayed. As a best practice, select a marker with the latest agent version.
  6. Click Save.