You can add and manage images sourced from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Compute Gallery, by using the Horizon Image Management Service.

Before performing any of the following steps, also review key information at Requirements and Considerations Specific to Using Horizon Image Management Service with Deployments of Horizon Edge in Microsoft Azure.


  • Decide on the VM model to use for the image. For VM model requirements, see Image Management System Requirements.
  • The Unified Access Gateway and Horizon Edge gateway are in a Ready state.
  • Verify that your subscriptions provide for adequate CPU cores quota for the model you plan to select for the base VM. For the supported model types, see Image Management System Requirements.
  • Tenant (desktop) subnets allow a sufficient number of IP addresses.
  • For Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access for the base VM customization, verify that you have a required number of public IP addresses provisioned.
  • should be resolvable and reachable from the management and tenant (desktop) subnets using the 443 port over TCP protocol for downloading agent-related software used in the system image-creation operations. For more information, see Port and Protocol Requirements for Your Horizon Cloud Deployment in Microsoft Azure.
  • At least one virtual network and tenant (desktop) subnet is selected for the provider.
  • Refer to the following VMware Product Interoperability Matrix query to determine if the operating system of the Image that you intend to add is supported.

    The preceding link is to a preconfigured search in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix that lists operating systems Horizon Cloud Service next-gen supports.


  1. On the Home page click Images on the Images tile to navigate to the Images page.
  2. On the Images page, click Add to navigate to the Add Image page.
  3. In the General Information section, add a unique Image Name and click Next.

    The image version is automatically appended to the name with dashes to create the image copy name (Image-1-0, Image-1-100).

  4. You can add a Description of the image.
  5. In the Markers field, you can add new markers. Give unique names to the markers. New markers are saved when the image is saved.
    Though Markers are optional, you cannot use an image for Pool creation if no markers are associated.
  6. In the Image Source section, select a source option.