You can add new versions into your existing Microsoft Azure Compute Gallery Images, without the need to clone a version. Only a similar type of Image can be added as Version of existing image.


  1. Click the Images tile on the Horizon Universal Console Home page.
  2. On the Images page, click an Image Name, to navigate to the Image page.
  3. Click Add, to navigate to the Add Image Version page.
  4. In the Source section, click Next after Microsoft Azure Custom VM.
  5. In the Source Details section, select the Site, Horizon Edge, and Provider, in the Destination sub-section.
  6. In the General Information, add a unique Image Name and click Next.

    The image version is automatically appended to the name with dashes to create the image copy name (Image-1-0, Image-1-100).

  7. You can add a Description of the image.
  8. In the Markers field, you can add new markers.

    Give unique names to the markers. New markers are saved when the image is saved.

  9. In the Image Source section, select Microsoft Azure Custom VM and click Next.
  10. In the Destination sub-section, select the Site, Horizon Edge, and Provider.
  11. In the VM details select a VM.
    All custom VMs must be part of the populated Azure Resource Group

    vmw-hcs-<ProviderInstance_Id>-base-vms. You can obtain the resource group name in Microsoft Azure portal on the VM details page.

    Note: In the Select VM list, only custom VMs that have the same generation type as the image are listed.
  12. Select the OS type of this Custom VM.
    Select OS type of Custom VM accurately as you cannot verify it. When you import an external image, make sure that the source image has the latest Horizon agent installed, or else the VMs that are created as part of desktop/server pools on this image might encounter an error.
  13. In the Admin credentials for VM sub-section, add a Username and Password for the local admin account to access the image's operating system, and to use during the image customization process.

    Username cannot exceed 19 characters and cannot end in a period(.). Usernames prohibited by Microsoft Azure, such as "guest" or "administrator" cannot be used.

    Passwords must be 12 to 123 characters and meet 3 of the following requirements: lowercase letter [a-z], uppercase letter [A-Z], number, special character (!@#$%/^&amp;*). Passwords prohibited by Microsoft Azure, such as "Password1".

  14. Select the check box for Windows license with Software Assurance.
  15. In the Target Version section, select the Version Type as Major or Minor.
    1. If you select Major, the Expected Version Number gets populated automatically, based on your selection and previously existing versions of the image.
    2. If you select Minor, add the Major Version number in Add Version Under, under which you want to add the Minor version to automatically populate the Expected Version Number.
  16. In the Markers field, you can add new markers. Give unique names to the markers. New markers are saved when the image is saved.