This page is the entry page for the collection of pages about the self-service migration of a Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployment located in the first generation Horizon Cloud control plane to the next generation control plane, named Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen.

You use this set of pages when you are migrating or planning to migrate an existing Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployment to the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen environment using the self-service migration process


Throughout these migration pages, the terms Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployments and Horizon Cloud refer to the first generation of Horizon Cloud Service and that generation's cloud control plane. In informal situations, you might also hear people use other terms, such as v1, to refer to that first generation of Horizon Cloud Service. The next generation of the service and control plane has the official name Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen. In these migration pages, you might see the term next-gen used as a shorthand phrase to refer that control plane, and the term first-gen to refer to the first generation.

Brief Introduction

Migration of a Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployment to the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen environment involves taking the resources currently configured in the Horizon Cloud environment and making those resources available, in an equivalent manner, in the next-gen service environment.

The self-service migration UI is made available within the next-gen Horizon Universal Console

The self-service migration involves using the same Microsoft Azure subscriptions that were used for the original Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployment.

It is important to note that first-gen deployment's resources remain attached to their same subnets during the process. If anything goes wrong in the self-service migration activities, the system is designed to revert things to the first-gen deployment in the state it was before the system's actions started.

At a conceptual high level, the system:

  • Deploys a next-gen Horizon Edge parallel to the existing first-gen deployment
  • Copies configuration information from the first-generation deployment to the next-gen tenant.
  • Transfers off management of the first-gen resources to the next-gen Horizon Edge.

When the system's actions complete, the resulting configuration ensures that the resources that were configured in the original deployment are accessible in the next-gen environment in the same manner as they were in the original.

As a result, an end user familiar with launching a desktop with a particular name is able to select the same familiar desktop name after migration.

Only after you verify the deployment in your next-gen environment and use the console's Finalize action to confirm that the next-gen deployment is working as expected, only then are the first-gen deployment's resources deleted from your Azure subscription.

Progressive Rollout

Self-service migration for Horizon Cloud Service will be rolled out in waves. You will not see the self-service migration UI elements in your environment until you have received direct communication from VMware.

Learn More

Use the following topics and their subtopics to learn more about the self-service migration.